XXX edición de la Bienal Internacional de 
Cine Científico BICC 2020-21 Ronda-Madrid-México 
30th International Biennial Media Science 2020-21

To appreciate, highlight and promote a series of quality awards and recognition, the production and diffusion of the current scientific and technological audiovisual media in the world. The XXX edition of the International Scientific Film Biennial (BICC) Ronda-Madrid-Mexico 2020-21, invites the general public, private and social organisms dedicated to the production, diffusion, and use of the audiovisual content and sound images for research, education, communication, divulgation and scientific/technologic culture to presentat the international competition all those audiovisual work made from the field of science, technology, and innovation according to thefollowing:


  1. To continue promoting and promoting the visibility of scientific cinema in the world, all those audiovisual works or contents for the communication of science, technology, and innovation, produced in the last two years (May 2018 –   September 2020) will be able to participate, and presented for the first time at the Biennial. Those who submit audiovisual works and are responsible for the technical organization of the event, as well as its sponsors and those that have an exclusively advertising or promotional character of a process or a scientific and technological product as a commercial service or a corporate brandmay not participate.
  1. Henceforth and, with a broad dimension, audiovisual, scientific, and technological content is defined as any productions of sound, stills, and moving images whose primordial purpose or objective is to show and acknowledge the methodological processes and investigation, development,and innovation (R&D) results, both scientific and technological. As well as variouseducational and divulging aspects of knowledge pertaining science andtechnology in society and culture, and that fall into one of thefollowing fields of knowledge:

2.1 Human Sciences (Humanities), Social, Legal and Economical: Philosophy and Psychology, Philology and Letters, History and Archeology, Geography, Anthropology, Ethnography and Ethnology, Sociology, Communication andinformation, Culture and Arts, Political Sciences, Law, Economy, Administration, etc.

2.2 Natural, Physical, and Chemical Science: Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry,Biology (Zoology, Botany, Stockbreeding, Maritime, Ecology, Environmental,Biochemistry and Genetics, Biogeography, Etiology), Meteorology, etc.

2.3 Exact Science, Engineering, and Technologies: Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical-Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computing, Telecommunication, Aeronautics, Energies, Soils and Geology, Mineralogy and Metallurgy, etc.

2.4 Medicine and Health Science: Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinarian, Nutriment, etc.

Or dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in media and television broadcasts in open terrestrial signal, cable, satellite, and Internet.

  1. The awards and recognition that have been established by the BICC Ronda-Madrid-México 2018, respond to the following categories of the contest
  • Grand Prix UNICAJA BICC Ronda-Madrid-Mexico 2020-21 for the best audiovisual work of the contest, a diploma and attribution in cash of one thousand five hundred euros (1.500.00 €). The distribution of the prize among the authors, in case of being winners, will be stated in the application, which will be signed by all interested parties.
  • BICC Ronda 2020 Awards for the best scientific audiovisual work, with a diploma in each of the following competition areas:
  • Scientific research, development and innovation (R+D+i)
  • Scientific and technological dissemination in theaudiovisual format of:

– Scientific television magazine

– Scientific documentary

– Informative webs and informative scientific reports

  • Training and scientific education as teaching resources
  • Scientific audiovisual culture for children and young audiences
  • IAMS Diploma, for the best scientific audiovisual image
  • ASECIC Guillermo F. Zúñiga Diploma for the best audiovisual direction of scientific contents
  • ASECIC Eugenio Tutor Diploma for the best audiovisual content produced or co-produced by a university or research center
  • BICC Iberoamerican Remote Headquarters Diplomas to the best audiovisual content awarded by the remote sites of the festival in Ibero-America
  1. The international jury that are independent from the contest organization, will be constituted by experts of renewed prestige in the audiovisual field of the investigation, communication, production, divulgation, information, and scientific and educational journalism and proposed by the  remote virtual headquarters-venues. Both the Grand Prix and acknowledgments can be declared void if, by thejudgment of the international jury qualifier, the audiovisual content presented on the contest does not comply with the quality conditions requested. If on any of the foreseen categories the prize or acknowledgment is declared void, it can be destined to be bestowed on another category. The gross income of the Grand Prix that are bestowed will have a fiscal retention as legally established by the Spanish Government.
  1. The open inscription on the contest is free of charge, and each participant can present a maximum of one audiovisual work (cinema, video, TV, or radio visual) per category;and each audiovisual entry may only compete in a single category.It is mandatory for participants to demonstrate theownership of the rights of each audiovisual content presented. The corresponding register shall be conducted mandatorily in a personal and/orinstitutional fashion using an electronic online register through Click For Festivals Website:
  1. For that matter, it will be necessary the creation of an account as the rights owner and fill out the mandatory fields of the online application form. Besides the mandatory fields of the inscription forms, it is of utmost importance the following content:
  •  3 Photographs to be used to promote the film
  •  Link to a clip, trailer or teaser of the work with a recommended duration of 3minutes maximum (YouTube, Vimeo or links to similar platforms can be used, the inscription form has a field destined to this link).
  • Text subtitles of the audiovisual entry in English or Spanish

The author holders of the rights can accompany their inscription with additional promotional or informative materials that they might deem necessary.

  1. The participation on the contest implies the authorization of the holders of the rights for the projection free of charge  and nonprofit of the registered works, in person and/or online with a restricted or encrypted single virtual session by reserved invitation to the remote headquarters-venues of the XXXth BICC Ronda-Madrid-México 2020-21 during the time of the selection process and awards. .
  1. In the ASECIC and XXXth BICC 2020-21 Ronda-Madrid-México website will be visible the schedule of the projections in the remotes headquarters-venues with exact day and time, an invitation will be sent to the authors so they can participate on the presentation of their work. Likewise, audiovisual works  (pre-agreed by the rights owner), will be part of actions destined for the general public and scientific culture diffusion, always free of charge and for educational purposes. In addition to registered audiovisual works may form part (unless stated otherwise) of the MEDIATECA ASECIC for consultation, investigation and study.
  1. Once the click for Festivals application is completed , the shipment of the participating audiovisual entries will be done simultaneously or deferred on this same platform. The organization of the XXXth BICC Ronda-Madrid-México 2020-21 will guarantee at all times that the onsite and remote projection of the audiovisual works in the contest will be conducted on coded IP spaces and with no TV Right (this being open terrestrial, satellite, cable, or WebTV) and/or any other type of download and non-authorized copy by their authors. For this promotional open channel task, the required mandatory demo will be the only one to be used for the contest. There will be no profit, nor any commercial usage of the educational and cultural projections, which is completely guaranteed.
  1. The accepted language/subtitle formats are:
  • In Spanish, and the locution text must be attached in Spanish and/or English
  • In English and may be delivered with or without subtitles in Spanish and the spoken text in Spanish and/or English. If the documentary is selected as a finalist, you must upload a second subtitle-free version to the server to be subtitled in Spanish
  • In other language sand will be delivered with subtitles in Spanish and/or English and the spoken text in Spanish and/or English. If the documentary is selected as a finalist, it must upload a second free version of subtitles to the server to be subtitled in Spanish
  1. It is an indispensable condition for the registration to the Biennial, that the registered participant owns the rights of intellectual property and of public exhibition of the presented work.

The registered participant whose audiovisual work will be exhibited at XXXth BICC Ronda-Madrid-México 2020-21, undertakes and guarantees that he holds all the rights and authority to exhibit the material and that there is no legal, contractual or other limitation that could restrict and / or interfere with and / or impede the broad and free exercise by the organizers of the Biennal of those rights that may derive directly and / or indirectly from the stipulations above, in particular in relation to the faculty of publicly exhibiting the work presented , in any of the venues of the Biennial.

The participant accepts to not hold the organizers responsible from any claim and / or action against the organizers by any third party claiming directly or indirectly that the rights to the work violate and / or interfere with and / or limit and / or any another way  damage a commercial name and / or a brand and / or a copyright or “copyright” and / or an intellectual or industrial property right, of any third party.

  1. The deadline to participate in the contest begins on June 1, 2020 and ends on September 30, 2020 at 12:00 o’clock in Spain. The selection of finalist works will be published on December 1, 2020 and the winning works will be chosen during the virtual award ceremony on March 13, 2021.

10. Participation in the Contest implies full acceptance of these rules.

Madrid, Spain, January 2020

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  2. carlos molina 10 meses ago

    para saber que dia se cierra la admision de documentales
    carlos molina lamothe

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